Returning to normal transmission in 3...2...1...

Well, this is embarrassing. On occasion I get an e-mail and I just leave it. Until it becomes far too late. And it would almost be worse to respond... something similar happened here. I was in theory waiting for my new camera to arrive from Santa. And thank you Santa, the camera is truly glorious, I have taken around a million pictures since I got it. Mostly of me at a myspace angle looking smug in utter delight at my glorious camera.

It me around seven years to upload these photos. It means that every time I upload photos, everything I type afterwards is written in a frustrated daze. I think I'm typing, but when I look down I've created an origami swan out of the keyboard. Which is unfortunate really.

Anyway, some news to catch up on. All photos care of my gorgeous new camera...

Punt magazine number 4...


Exchange Market Review

The first ever Exchange Market was on Saturday the 27th and was an amazing success (even if I do say so myself). I say amazing because everything was against us, the weather was vile, driving was treacherous and there was a gigantic anti-IMF protest on which I assumed would scare people away. It turned out to be the saving grace, because once the protest ended we have waves of people coming in and shuffling around looking at our crafty delights. 

My Dad drove me in after going out in his car to scout around and see how bad the roads were, it had to be done, but it struck me as being quite a strange way to see if it was safe. Like jumping off a bridge to see if the bungee cord is working. As a result we were somewhat late for set up, but I am becoming something of an expert at doing these lovely fairs and can set up in roughly seven minutes (including smoke break because I'm so badass).

I had a primo spot right at the front, 
My stall was the first one you saw as you walked in.


Exchange Market today

Last night I woke up because I could hear thunder. Well I didn't wake up, I was still awake thinking about the various things I needed to get ready for the fair and the various things I should have done but didn't etc. Sleep is for people who don't have anxiety disorders.

I decided I was simply wasting my life in a futile attempt to sleep so I got up to watch the lightning that generally accompanies thunder. When I looked out it was snowing. Thunder and lightning and snow. It was amazing, my brother and I ran outside and started sheepishly throwing snowballs about and running around. We just got the genius idea of making a snowman when the asshole asbo children from down the street emerged from their fucking cave and we had to run back in and hide.

Now, it's slushy, manky, icy, scary, grey shite everywhere. Sadly this does not bode well for the Exchange Market... Basically if you feel like braving the sleet do drop by!

Temple Bar


Inklude Exhibition Closing Party yo...

We cocked up the opening, but my god we weren't going to fucking let the closing go without a bang! And so I was up at an ungodly hour (lets say 11) to make fifty fairy cakes for the party at 6pm on Sunday. Five different colours and three different flavours. I would have had a better photo of them if they hadn't been savaged within twenty minutes...


Just flicking through the paper...

My Dad was reading the Irish Times in bed and found a little article on the Independents Day zine fair and spotted a name he recognised. There on Page 9 of the Weekend Review section he saw 'Pepper Morrison'. He was so excited he even got up and showed my Mum. I was out and it took her three phone calls to get through to me. They  both think I'm famous.

This is good. People must share my delusions.


Zine Fair Haul

So this morning I crawled out of my room in search of sanctuary. I had begun one of those horrible cleaning spirals when you decide that in order to simplify cleaning you need to remove lots of things from your room. Then half an hour later you look around and the mess you started out to clean has developed into some horrendous monster that covers the entire floor (and partially the walls and ceiling). It is no longer your room. It is the messes room. You are merely visiting.

I woke up to this misguided attempt at cleanliness from the night before and recoiled in utter horror. I needed immediate escape and so stumbled downstairs in my underwear (Getting clothes impossible. Wardrobe obscured behind mountain of paper and plastic). It lit up my little face to see a letter addressed to ME! This never ever happens. Ever. Unless it's the library telling me I'm scum for not returning things. 

Note: adorable illustration

It was from Phil of Black Shapes fame. 
At the fair I'd asked him to hang onto a copy of his new zine for me and between my asking and taking my leisurely time to stroll over to him he sold out! 
So he said he would post it to me the very next day.

Fucking sound out! Thanks a million...
Note: Matching peach coloured stationary and zine (gawgeous)

I was so excited about getting post, that I knew I'd have to put it on the blog under the guise of it being somewhat related to zines. So in order to make this post seem less creepy, here's the rest of my haul from the zine fair on Sunday.


Pepper Morrison 8!

I worked my little fingers to the bone on this yoke right here. And so far it's gotten rave reviews... From my sister and father, but still, they are hard to please. I took a few pictures...

Front Cover


How To Make A Zine!

Or more accurately, how I make my zines. There are a bazillion and one ways to go about throwing your own rag together, some modern folk even do them all online I'm told (witches I believe).

I tried to upload these before, several at a time and it was taking so long I was imagining my grandchildren looking puzzled at the 'loading' screen on my mac. But I was on the Loserdom website and loved the video's of how the zine was printed and put together and that. So I decided to just accept that i would have to go through the boring (and very long) process of uploading each picture individually.


Well if it isn't Pepper Morrison herself...


I still have no idea how to use a blog, and even that video I put up is all weird and deformed looking... I need some sort of html genius to come and save me.

I know none of this is horribly interesting, but until I learn this bitch of a html the posts won't improve much. At the very least I'll be uploading my old zines at some point, once I scan them in of course...