Pepper Morrison 8!

I worked my little fingers to the bone on this yoke right here. And so far it's gotten rave reviews... From my sister and father, but still, they are hard to please. I took a few pictures...

Front Cover


How To Make A Zine!

Or more accurately, how I make my zines. There are a bazillion and one ways to go about throwing your own rag together, some modern folk even do them all online I'm told (witches I believe).

I tried to upload these before, several at a time and it was taking so long I was imagining my grandchildren looking puzzled at the 'loading' screen on my mac. But I was on the Loserdom website and loved the video's of how the zine was printed and put together and that. So I decided to just accept that i would have to go through the boring (and very long) process of uploading each picture individually.