How to make a Zine... zine?

I'm going to be making an appearance at the DIY skillshare festival this weekend, so I decided that instead of staying in bed and complaining, like my normal sick self, I would make another instructional zine. I originally made a 'How to Make Sushi' zine, a skill everyone should have if they're partial to deliciousness. 

They were quite popular (in fact I have none left), and so I made a much more obvious alternative. I just finished it there, and I hope it's acceptable. Quite frankly I'm so fucking tired I don't care. Just fuck off and make a fucking zine. Thanks.

This is how the thing is laid out.



Drawings from Pepper Morrison 10, 'Ad Nauseum'. Apologies for shitty photos of drawings, I don't have a scanner at the moment. There's actually a pretty good picture at the end.



Yet another motto... Most simples...



Yet Another Edition of "CRAP FROM MY MOLESKINE!"

I have no idea what I just did to my blog. Destroyed it apparently. Dear lord. Anyway, if you have any idea how to use it, here's some more tat from my moleskine. 

Here we have Marilyn and Elvis...


A Sneak Preview

Some drawings for 'Porridge', my latest offering to the zine universe. Chronicling my educational hell, from playschool until now. 

This is to accompany the story of me smuggling jigsaws out of playschool in my knickers. 

And then, just a general motto...



And now, for a midnight edition of "CRAP FROM MY MOLESKINE!"

Yes, yet another wonderful edition of my shitty drawings. Though not these ones, these next two drawings speak of unquestionable, universal truths, and are therefore, epic.


Time for the First Instalment of 'CRAP FROM MY MOLESKINE'

Yes. I am indeed one of those wankers who not only OWNS a moleskine, I actually draw it in quite a lot too. 
So here is 'some crap from my moleskine'

Lady face 


Dublin Zine Fair of Joy

The time has come yet again for a zine fair review. Well the time was slightly before now, but I tried to upload some video's on here and it didn't work, so I gave a guttural scream and swore I would never touch technology again! Or rather I gave up and briefly watched Jeremy Kyle. Anyway...

This year, the zine time fun has been sparse. Not that zining is a pass time that absolutely overloads my calendar (what with the gala dinners and all) but this year there has been next to nothing. I did do the anarchist book fair, and got to meet a wide range of weirdos with an appreciation for DIY shit, and if I'm honest, one or two proper weirdos... I had chocolate peanuts on my stall for sharing and one guy kept coming over and just sort of... touching them... So only wrapped sweets from now on.

Anyway. The Dublin zine fair was organised by the lovely Sarah Bracken of Baby Beef fame, held in the Ranalagh Arts Centre and filled with lovely ziney people. And even a band. I got quite an impressive haul actually...

Take a moment to salivate over the ziney goodness. Now on to location.