Returning to normal transmission in 3...2...1...

Well, this is embarrassing. On occasion I get an e-mail and I just leave it. Until it becomes far too late. And it would almost be worse to respond... something similar happened here. I was in theory waiting for my new camera to arrive from Santa. And thank you Santa, the camera is truly glorious, I have taken around a million pictures since I got it. Mostly of me at a myspace angle looking smug in utter delight at my glorious camera.

It me around seven years to upload these photos. It means that every time I upload photos, everything I type afterwards is written in a frustrated daze. I think I'm typing, but when I look down I've created an origami swan out of the keyboard. Which is unfortunate really.

Anyway, some news to catch up on. All photos care of my gorgeous new camera...

Punt magazine number 4...

Their covers are just to die for.

look at that. It just makes me want to chop off my hands
for they are not worthy 

And now just to open it on a random page... 

Why what's this?? Could it be my little zine?
Why yes it is. 

They did a gorgeous article about the independent publishing scene in Ireland, mainly zines and the 'Independents Day' zine fair. And they put my little rag in it! I couldn't have been more flattered. I keep carrying it around with me and sort of 'accidentally' taking it out in front of people I want to look impressive to. Or at.

Not really. It's on the coffee table for more or less the same reason.

And there you have it. Three paragraphs of utter famousness.

I am genuinely really pleased about this because at the zine fair I was sort of in awe of Punt. It was just so sleek and professional looking, and the editor works for the Irish Times and thus is a real normal person. A grown up even. And when they contacted me about Pepper Morrison, they said that it was their favourite zine from the fair and they just fell about laughing reading it I didn't know what to say. They even said I was a good writer. I was so pleased I weed a little bit. 

In other 'news' (though it barely constitutes conversation at this point) I was snowed in for a week or two, so I did a new zine to keep me occupied. It was very intensive and I learnt a few things about myself that I am prepared to divulge only in the strictest confidence. And that is; if you have an obsessive personality and you take on a project that involves huddling over a desk for god's sake put on a bra. I would literally wake up and shuffle over to my desk in my knickers and t shirt and draw until I was called for dinner. My back gradually turned into a question mark. I can't explain how incredibly embarrassing it is to be so delicate that I could fuck up my back from fucking DRAWING.

But anyway. Some pictures of the new zine.

I did two covers and I hate both of them equally.

Though in saying that the two backs worked out alright.

That is Pepper Morrison in a gas mask. For those of you who keep thinking it's a duck.

One picture from inside that I'm actually pleased with.
Click on it for full glorious effect.

I quite like this one too.
Because even though I hate mushrooms I seem to be quite good at drawing them...

I'll try to update things slightly more often. I'm sure you were frantic at my absence. And now I shall post this scrawl, because like every other post with pictures I am too fucking fed up when I'm finished to bother reading the bloody thing again. So you will just have to take it, typos and rambling and warts and all.

I really love my new camera... 


  1. Great stuff!! Hope more keeps coming!

  2. Dawww! Thanks hun, that's lovely x