Exchange Market today

Last night I woke up because I could hear thunder. Well I didn't wake up, I was still awake thinking about the various things I needed to get ready for the fair and the various things I should have done but didn't etc. Sleep is for people who don't have anxiety disorders.

I decided I was simply wasting my life in a futile attempt to sleep so I got up to watch the lightning that generally accompanies thunder. When I looked out it was snowing. Thunder and lightning and snow. It was amazing, my brother and I ran outside and started sheepishly throwing snowballs about and running around. We just got the genius idea of making a snowman when the asshole asbo children from down the street emerged from their fucking cave and we had to run back in and hide.

Now, it's slushy, manky, icy, scary, grey shite everywhere. Sadly this does not bode well for the Exchange Market... Basically if you feel like braving the sleet do drop by!

Temple Bar

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