A Letter from Artist Jane O'Sullivan

I got a letter last week.

Jane O'Sullivan had quite a big, impressive, 'anyone else and it would have been intimidating' exhibition on recently, because Jane is a real life actual artist. Or rather this is what my brain decided while my eyes sparkled in sheer, borderline creepy admiration.


Did you guys know that July is ZINE MONTH??

A zine related project for every day of July x


Girl Germs Skill Share Day of Fun!

So, there is this feminist group called Girl Germs. And through various shady methods, I have managed to hide myself in their ranks undetected, lest I be turfed out for not being nearly hip enough. In any case, we put on a Skill Share day in lovely Seomra Spraoi.

Through much exaggeration and bribery I managed to beg them to let me give a zine making workshop. And since I don't know how to give workshops, I just made the attendees do all the work and make a zine there and then. And here is what we made.


How to make a Zine... zine?

I'm going to be making an appearance at the DIY skillshare festival this weekend, so I decided that instead of staying in bed and complaining, like my normal sick self, I would make another instructional zine. I originally made a 'How to Make Sushi' zine, a skill everyone should have if they're partial to deliciousness. 

They were quite popular (in fact I have none left), and so I made a much more obvious alternative. I just finished it there, and I hope it's acceptable. Quite frankly I'm so fucking tired I don't care. Just fuck off and make a fucking zine. Thanks.

This is how the thing is laid out.